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Choosing Bass Lures

Choosing Bass Lures

Choosing the appropriate rod to accomodate the different types of lures is extremely important. For example, flipping and pitching requires a lightweight rod. You wouldn’t require a heavyweight to cast top water baits. The same applies to spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Sensitivity is another area many anglers don’t understand too well. I wonder how many fish have bitten without the angler realising he or she had a bite? Sensitivity will allow you to work out what is happening with your bait. It will also give you a guide to just how prosperous a day you will enjoy on the water. With enough sensitivity in a rod, you will be able to determine if the slightest of tugs on your line was from a fish or just a water ripple. It’s that important.

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When it comes to using live baits for big bass, there are many reliable ones, but the best bait for the bass is the live shiner, especially the wild or native shiner. Live shiners are easily found anywhere in bass country; however such baits are usually raised and grown in nurseries and hatcheries. Shiners are usually around 3 to 5 inches long, have a silvery hue and are not hardy. Shiners are best hooked from the bottom through the lips using size 1 to 5 bait hooks. A usual plastic worm hook is reliable, but you should try using an offset-shank bait hook as it is the preferred hook of veteran anglers.

Actually you can easily catch a big bass from a body of water whether you fish on a shallow area or from a much deeper area like 25 feet deep. Try finding a dark spot in just a few feet of water. Search for a stump and fish its dark portion. Of course, you can cast your bait at the lighter area, but always try first at least two casts at the dark portion. Try to do correct casting on the first try as improper casting of the bait can possibly mess up the area and will keep the big bass from being aggressive when you finally make the right cast.

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