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I’m Carol Hampshire. As head of New Product Development at a six year old nutritional supplement manufacturing company, I’ve lectured many times about the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and positive frame of mind. I know that the human body is a masterpiece, a wonderfully complex biological machine programmed and capable of maintaining perfect health as long as it has the ability to do so. It is only when starved of necessary nutritional components or bombarded with toxic chemicals, that it begins to loose it’s noble fight for perfect health and development. It then begins to draw from some areas in the body in order to maintain and support other, more important areas.
“Small Breastedness”
Many ND’s and nutritionists now believe that “small breastedness” is one of the conditions that can occur when the body is faced with these shortages. Small breastedness may not entirely be a genetically predetermined condition as previously believed. When supported with the proper nutritional components, thousands of women are finding that they have a better self image than ever before.
Our culture celebrates the feminine ideal, and over the last couple of years I have come to understand the passion women have about a full and shapely bustline. Over 160,000 women in the U.S. last year chose breast augmentation surgery. Most of those women didn’t realize that a natural option for breast growth exists.
Herbal Research
A little over two years ago at the request of many of our female customers who where suffering from PMS, I began investigating a natural, herbal-based product that would supply nutritional componets that the body requires to establish good hormonal health. I learned that many of the herbs we were investigating for this product would produce another, rather unexpected “side effect” for about 70% of the women who took them. This research led to the development of All Breast Actives and Miracle Bust.
Most Effective Product Available
Breast Actives and Miracle Bust is formulated to be the most effective product of its kind in the world. We don’t just crush up some herbs and throw them in a bottle. No. We use the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, “supercritical fluid extraction,” to obtain our primary ingredients. But we don’t just leave it there. We provide a specifically-designed enzyme product to break down and digest the ingredients found in the enhancement formula. No other company goes to such trouble. We want our product to work for you perhaps more than you do.
I invite you to give Breast Actives and Miracle Bust a try
I know that about 85% of all women will see delighted within 14 – 28 days when the product is used as directed!